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Getting Started Establish a defined scope for the interior design project including freestanding strategic furnishings, floor coverings, window treatments, paint, and desired timetable. Establish priorities and budget for each component contained in the scope of the design project. If furniture systems, wall mounted shelving, or major structural changes are planned that will impact building systems, contact Peril Interior Design Services.

If you are not the facility manager for the facilities impacted, then the facility manager(s) should be contacted well in advance and provide approval to proceed before committing to interior design services.
Consideration of the timing sequence for multiple services is most important to avoid timetable delays and duplicate costs (e.g. repeat movement of furniture and equipment). For projects that have more than one significant component it may be beneficial to obtain Peril Interior Design Services not only for design specifications but to include project consultation and/or project management and coordination.

Many UM units have established mandatory building standards for flooring, paint, and furnishings for facilities they occupy and these standards should be addressed before seeking design services.
If the design project is occurring at a leased property, the UM Real Estate Office must be contacted in advance of making commitments for design or services related to the project.